Sonoya Mizuno Phone Number, Fanmail Address and Contact Details

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If you want to know about Sonoya Mizuno’s real phone number and also look for Sonoya Mizuno’s email and fanmail address then, you are at the correct place! We are going to give you the contact information of Sonoya Mizuno like her phone number, email address, and Fanmail address details.

Sonoya Mizuno Contact Details

NAME: Sonoya Mizuno
DOB: 1 July 1986
BIRTHPLACE: Tokyo, Japan
HEIGHT: 1.7 m

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Who is Sonoya Mizuno?

Sonoya Mizuno was born in the United Kingdom and is of Japanese, British, and Argentinian origin. He is an actor, model, and ballet dancer. Mizuno has contributed to the production of several critically acclaimed films, including “Beauty and the Beast” and “La La Land.” Mizuno, who was born into a household with members of many ethnic backgrounds, has had an interest in performing ever since she was a child. At the age of nine, she began taking ballet lessons with the expectation of one day becoming an actress. In the end, Mizuno was able to earn their diploma from the ‘Royal Ballet School.’ She was a member of a number of different ballet companies. After waiting until she was 20 years old, she entered the world of modeling.

Mizuno was a model for various well-known fashion houses, including Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, and Saint Laurent, among others. Ex Machina, a psychological thriller, served as Mizuno’s introduction to the world of motion pictures. In the film, she was portrayed as a humanoid that was controlled by artificial intelligence. After that, Mizuno had a role in the film High Strung, which was focused on dance. Sonoya Mizuno had cameos in various dance videos, too. In the romantic comedy film ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ Mizuno has a prominent role to play as one of the film’s characters. Additionally, she has been seen on other television programs. She had a significant part in the television series “Maniac,” which was a psychological thriller.

Mizuno will appear in a significant number of forthcoming films and television series. Sonoya Mizuno was born on the 1st of July in the year 1986 in the city of Tokyo, Japan. Her mother hails from both the United Kingdom and Argentina, while her father, Hajime Mizuno, was born and raised in Japan. Both of her parents held diplomatic posts in their careers. She was one of five children that shared her childhood.
The English county of Somerset was where Mizuno spent her childhood years. Since she was a young girl, she has always had the ambition to have a career in the theatre. At the age of nine, she enrolled in a ballet school in the neighborhood.

Mizuno went to the audition for the “Royal Dance School” in London after receiving a recommendation to do so from her instructor at the ballet school she attended. She was given the opportunity to attend the school and spent the subsequent ten years learning classical dance. Sonoya Mizuno began her performance career in the world of ballet. After completing her training at the “Royal Ballet School,” she went on to perform with a number of different ballet companies, including the “Semperoper Ballet” in Dresden, “Ballet Ireland,” and “New English Ballet Theatre,” and “Scottish Ballet.”

In the year 2016, Mizuno was given the opportunity to play a supporting part in the film “La La Land,” which went on to win an Academy Award. The film was a romantic musical and Damien Chazelle served as the director. The roles of the leading pair in the film were played by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Mizuno gave a performance as ‘Caitlin,’ which is one of her roommates of ‘Mia,’ which is a character that was portrayed by Emma Stone. Mizuno was featured as the principal dancer in the music video for “Wide Open” by “The Chemical Brothers” and Beck, which was released in 2016. She also made an appearance in the music video for the song “Nikes,” which was performed by “Frank Ocean.”Mizuno was cast as a debutante in the American romantic fantasy film ‘Beauty and the Beast in the year 2017, however, her role was only a supporting one.

In the 2018 science-fiction horror film ‘Annihilation,’ she gave performances as two different characters: ‘Katie,’ a human, and a humanoid. In the same year, Mizuno made an appearance in the film “All About Nina” playing the role of “Ganja.” In the supernatural horror film “The Domestics,” she played the role of “Betsy.”In 2018, Sonoya Mizuno was cast in a role that would go on to become one of the most memorable of her career. In the American love comedy ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ she will play the role of ‘Araminta Lee,’ which was written specifically for her. The story was adapted from Kevin Kwan’s novel of the same name, which he also penned. Mizuno played the role of an heiress to a resort company that was worth a billion dollars in the film. Mizuno was dragged into a controversy after being cast in the movie, as the role was portrayed in the film as a Singaporean–Chinese, but Mizuno did not have any connections to the Chinese culture.

In the television miniseries “Maniac,” which aired in 2018, Mizuno played a leading role in one of the episodes. Netflix showed this series, which was described as a psychological dark comedy. Throughout the course of the series, viewers watched the narrative of two random people who became friends while participating in a pharmaceutical test that was overseen by prominent experts. Mizuno made an appearance in the role of ‘Dr. Azumi Fujita,’ a scientist who was in charge of the experiment. In 2019, Mizuno will have roles in the film titled “Ambition” as well as the television series titled “Devs.”At the age of 20, Mizuno made the decision to enter the modeling industry. She was a model for a number of well-known fashion houses, including ‘Chanel,’ ‘Alexander McQueen,’ ‘Saint Laurent,’ and ‘Louis Vuitton,’ among others. Mizuno was a guest on the episode of Arthur Pita’s show titled “The World’s Greatest Show” that aired in 2014. Both the “Greenwich Dance” and the “Royal Opera House” hosted her performances.

With the film ‘Ex Machina,’ Sonoya Mizuno made her official debut in the film industry in the year 2014. Alex Garland was the director of this science-fiction film with elements of the psychological thriller. In the film, she played the role of ‘Kyoko,’ a humanoid whose intellect was generated by computer programs. Mizuno gave an outstanding performance in this role. She had however entered the film industry much earlier, making her debut in the character of a forest warden in the 2012 film “Venus in Eros.” In the American drama film “High Strung,” which was released in 2016, Sonoya Mizuno played the role of “Jazzy.

” The story of the film centers on a ballerina who, along with her buddy who plays the violin, enters a competition for dancers. Mizuno played the role of an exceptionally gifted yet defiant dance student in the film. In the same year, she made a cameo appearance in the film Alleycats playing the role of Suzie. Relevant ways are provided below to contact Sonoya Mizuno. If you want to contact Sonoya Mizuno, her phone number, email address, as well as Sonoya Mizuno’s Fanmail address details, are given. Social Media accounts are also offered to make contact with Sonoya Mizuno with a simple method.

Best Methods to Contact Sonoya Mizuno:

It is simpler to contact Sonoya Mizuno with the below-written contact ways. We have gathered the authenticated and checked data methods of communication as shown below:

1. Sonoya Mizuno Instagram:

Instagram is the most used social media platform. You will get a profile of each and every popular Instagram personality. You may also make communication with them via direct messages by using them. You can also use Instagram to see her profile on Instagram and her new images.

2. Sonoya Mizuno Facebook:

Facebook is perhaps the most popular social media site in the world. You will get the profile of any popular person on Facebook. You can also get in touch with them via direct messages. You can also use Facebook to see her Facebook profile and her latest images.

3. Sonoya Mizuno TikTok:

Sonoya Mizuno is a famous TikTok Star and social media personality. She uses to share videos on her TikTok account. People can follow her on TikTok id to see her videos and can like & comment on the videos or photos.

4. Sonoya Mizuno Youtube Channel:

Sonoya Mizuno also has her youtube channel. She posts new videos on her channel. You can visit her youtube channel to see his latest videos.

5. Sonoya Mizuno Phone Number, Email, Fanmail Address

Here we discuss the most common contact methods like her phone number Sonoya Mizuno, her email address, and her fanmail address.

Sonoya Mizuno phone number:+44 7700184737
Sonoya Mizuno email id: Not Available

Fanmail Address

Sonoya Mizuno
United Agents Ltd.
12-26 Lexington Street
London, W1F 0LE

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