Mykelti Williamson Phone Number, Fanmail Address and Contact Details

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If you want to know about Mykelti Williamson’s real phone number and also look for Mykelti Williamson’s email and fanmail address then, you are at the correct place! We will give you Mykelti Williamson’s contact information like his phone number, email address, and Fanmail address details.

Mykelti Williamson Contact Details

NAME: Mykelti Williamson
DOB: 4 March 1957 (age 65 years), St. Louis, Missouri, United States
BIRTHPLACE: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
HEIGHT: 6 feet 1 inch
FATHER: Michael T. Williamson
MOTHER: Elaine Williamson

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Who is Mykelti Williamson?

The United States of America’s Michael T. ‘Mykelti‘ Williamson entered the world on March 4, 1957, in St. Louis. Both his mother Elaine, an accountant, and his father, a noncommissioned officer in the Air Force, contributed significantly to his upbringing. When Williamson was nine years old, he relocated to Los Angeles with his family.

Actor Mykelti Williamson is of African-American and Blackfoot ancestry; he was born in St. Louis, Missouri. The Native American meaning of his given name, Mykelti, is “Spirit/Silent Friend.” Mykelti was raised with an older brother and a younger sister by his single mother after their father abandoned the family. The family traveled around a lot, stopping in cities like Memphis and Phoenix, before finally settling in Los Angeles after his mother remarried.

When he was very young, he moved to Los Angeles with his family and became the youngest member of the acclaimed dance company The Lockers. In the theater production of Soul Train, he got his start dancing with the ensemble, The Lockers. He only had to audition once for a bit part on Starsky and Hutch to get the part. After receiving his first acting credit, Williamson spent the 1980s hopping from one canceled series to another, appearing in Righteous Apples, Bay City Blues, Cover-Up, and The Bronx Zoo before settling into recurrent roles on Midnight Caller and WKRP in Cincinnati.

In spite of having roles in films like Wildcats, Number One with a Bullet, Miracle Mile, and Free Willy, Mykelti didn’t become widely known as an actor until 1994, when he was cast as Benjamin “Bubba” Bufford-Blue in the blockbuster film Forrest Gump. Actor Mykelti’s star skyrocketed after he was cast as Forrest’s thick-lipped, shrimp-expert friend in Forrest Gump. Gump loses Forrest in Vietnam, and Mykelti dies in his arms.

Even with the huge exposure from Forrest Gump, he never became a household name. After his breakout performances in Waiting to Exhale, How to Make an American Quilt, and Con Air, he played supporting roles in films like Primary Colors and Three Kings for the rest of the 20th century. After appearing as Lt. Gerard in the TV adaptation of The Fugitive in 2000, he made a triumphant comeback to the big screen as Don King in the Will Smith film Ali.

Despite the fact that Mykelti’s time as The Fugitive’s lead character was limited to just one season, he went on to perform recurring roles as Detective Smith on the NBC TV series Boomtown in 2002 and as Chief Brigham Sinclair in CSI: NY in 2007. In addition to his role on 24, Williamson has acted in After the Sunset with Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek. He then secured recurring roles as Ellstin Limehouse on the TV show Justified and “Paranoid” in the comedy film High School, in which he played a kid who attempts to make his entire class high.

The following films and TV shows he appeared in include Hollows Grove, Convergence, and The Purge: Election Year, as well as the shows Hawaii Five-O and Underground. He also co-starred with Denzel Washington in the drama film Fences (2016), in which he played Washington’s younger brother. The film was based on a play by August Wilson.

Mykelti has been married three times, and his current wife, actress Sondra Spriggs, is the mother of his two daughters from his second marriage. Williamson attended LA City College, where he majored in television and cinema. Furthermore, he analyzed Dr. Frank X. Ford’s acting courses at USC. Thereafter, he enrolled in San Jose’s Gene Evans Motion Picture School to earn credentials in cinematography and filmmaking.

Even at the tender age of nine, Mykelti Williamson began performing. He also performed with TV personality Fred Berry’s dance group The Lockers as a replacement member.

Relevant ways are provided below to contact Mykelti Williamson. If you want to contact Mykelti Williamson, his phone number, email address, as well as Mykelti Williamson’s Fanmail address details, are given. Social Media accounts are also offered to contact Mykelti Williamson Renard with a simple method.

Best Methods to Contact Mykelti Williamson:

First appearing on TV, then in movies, he eventually became a professional actor. Righteous Apples, Starsky and Hutch, Hill Street Blues, Miami Vice, etc., were among his first television appearances. His starring role in the TV show The New WKRP in Cincinnati made him a household name. Acting gigs in Con Air and Justified followed his breakout performance as Bubba in the Oscar-winning film Forrest Gump. And on Boomtown, he was Detective Bobby Smith.

When he was 9, he began acting, but in high school, he was a star on the gridiron and in the paint. He had roles in Free Willy and the box office hit Final Destination. His African-American mother, Elaine, and Black-Foot Indian father both work as CPAs, and his father is an Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer. His father’s identity remains unknown, however.

When he was nine years old, he moved to Los Angeles with his family, and later he attended Los Angeles City College to study film and television. A graduate of San Jose’s Gene Evans Motion Picture School, he specialized in cinematography and film production. Mykelti Williamson has a height of 6 feet and a weight of about 70 kilograms. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to his vital statistics just yet. His hair and eyes are both black, and his skin tone matches them perfectly.

It is simpler to contact Mykelti Williamson with the below-written contact ways. We have gathered the authenticated methods of communication as shown below:

1. Mykelti Williamson’s Instagram:

2. Mykelti Williamson Facebook:

3. Mykelti Williamson TikTok: NA

4. Mykelti Williamson’s Youtube Channel:

5. Mykelti Williamson’s Phone Number, Email, and Fanmail Address

Here we discuss the most common contact methods like the phone number of Mykelti Williamson, email addresses, and fanmail addresses.

Mykelti Williamson’s Phone Number: (310) 288-8000
Mykelti Williamson’s Email Id: Not Available

Fanmail Address

Mykelti Williamson
Paradigm Talent Agency
700 N San Vicente Blvd.
Suite G820
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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